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05 December 2014

Faux Shutters Christmas Decor ♦ Decor de Craciun cu Obloane False

These faux shutters are the coolest thing ever!
And (not) only because we've made them ourselves but because they can be easily and rapidly integrated into any decor or can become a pretty decor themselves. We just added a Christmas inspired sign, our Shabby White candle holders and the wooden ice skates we've made the other days and managed to turn a pretty boring corner into a lovely winter setting.
Obloanele astea false sunt cele mai dragute chestii ever!
Si nu (numai) pentru ca le-am facut noi ci pentru ca pot fi integrate cu usurinta si rapiditate in orice decor sau pot deveni, chiar ele, un decor frumos.Am adaugat o placuta inspirata din cantecele de Craciun, sfesnicele Shabby White si patinele din lemn, realizate zilele trecute, si am transformat imediat un colt plictisitor intr-un frumos decor de iarna.

Faux Shutters Christmas Decor ♦ Decor de Craciun cu Obloane False

Faux Shutters Christmas Decor ♦ Decor de Craciun cu Obloane False
Each shutter was made from 3 pieces of wood of 65 cm*8 cm and 2 pieces of 24 cm*8 cm
that we cut, painted and then distressed real well.
Fiecare oblon a fost realizat din cate 3 stinghii de lemn avand 65 cm*8 cm si doua stinghii avand 24 cm**8 cm pe care le-am taiat, le-am vopsit si apoi le-am invechit bine de tot. 
Faux Shutters Christmas Decor ♦ Decor de Craciun cu Obloane False

The best part is that we can use them all year around, not only for Christmas, we just have to use our imagination and decorate them with specific items from every season.
Cea mai buna chestie e ca obloanele pot fi folosite cu usurinta in orice perioada a anului,
nu doar de Craciun, trebuie doar sa ne punem imaginatia la treaba si sa le decoram cu lucruri specifice fiecarui anotimp. 
Faux Shutters Christmas Decor ♦ Decor de Craciun cu Obloane False
The other days, for example, right in the middle of our Christmas decorating,
the last of the most-beautiful-and-scented-roses from our garden gave us the idea of creating a special summer(ish) corner in our working area. Isn't this just pretty? :)
{If you are one of our followers, you must have already seen them
on Instagram or Facebook
Zilele trecute, de exemplu, in toiul pregatirilor de Craciun, cei-mai-frumosi-si-mai-parfumati trandafiri proaspeti din gradina ne-au dat ideea de a realiza rapid in atelier un coltisor asa, mai de vara. Nu-i asa ca e frumos? :)
 {Daca ne urmariti deja pe Instagram sau pe Facebook, cred ca l-ati vazut si acolo}

Faux Shutters Decor ♦ Decor cu Obloane False

Furthermore each shutter can be easily turned into a Candy Bar setting or a photo backdrop for taking pictures or for anything else that we can think of.
Or why not completely transform it into something new - maybe a large tray that we can use to serve cinnamon cookies and coffee with extra milk to our loved ones?:)   
 Plus ca fiecare oblon se poate transforma super rapid intr-un fundal pentru Candy Bar sau unul pentru realizarea pozelor sau pentru orice altceva ne trece prin minte.
Sau, de ce sa nu-l transformam in ceva complet nou - poate o tava incapatoare,
perfecta pentru a servi prajituri cu scortisoara si cafea cu muuuult lapte celor dragi! :) 

Faux Shutters Decor ♦ Decor cu Obloane False

As for the Christmas spirit, we have made lots of beautiful projects that we really want to share with you these days, so stay tuned for more! :)
 Revenind la spiritul Craciunului, am realizat multe proiecte frumoase pe care vrem neaparat sa vi le aratam zilele astea, asa ca stati pe-aproape! :)
Don't forget to smile!
Nu uitati sa zambiti!

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01 December 2014

Shabby White Candle Holders ♦ Suporturi Shabby White pentru lumanari

We can never have too many candles that could add a little bit of refinement
to our homes, don't you think? :)
Especially now that Christmas is just around the corner and we have already started
to look for beautiful and original ideas to decorate our homes. 
I must confess that I have a thing for candles and I usually buy candle holders or small recipients and lots of different shapes and sizes candles, especially scented ones that I love to light around the house when spending some relaxing time with  family.
So this year we've created in our Dreams Factory some lovely elegant handmade candle holders that can be easily integrated into any decor, whether it is a Christmas decor
or a regular all-year-long one.

Parca nu avem niciodata destule lumanari, sfesnice sau tot felul de suporturi de lumanari, 
care sa adauge un strop de rafinament caselor noastre, nu vi se pare? :)
Mai ales acum, cand  Craciunul se apropie cu pasi repezi si incepem deja
sa cautam idei cat mai frumoase si originale pentru a decora prin casa.
Eu una recunosc ca am facut o pasiune pentru lumanari si-mi iau, ori de cate ori am ocazia, sfesnice, suporturi si multeee lumanari, de diferite forme si dimensiuni, mai ales parfumate, pe care le aprind de obicei seara, cand ne relaxam in familie.
Asa ca anul acesta am creat in Fabricuta de Vise niste sfesnice handmade elegante si frumoase, care pot fi integrate in orice decor, fie ca e unul de Craciun sau unul obisnuit, in-orice-perioada-a-anului.

Shabby White Candle Holders ♦ Suporturi Shabby White pentru lumanari

I really loved the silhouette of this Ikea candles stick holder and decided to use it as a model.
Pentru ca imi place la nebunie forma acestui sfesnic de la Ikea, am hotarat sa-l folosesc ca si model.
So we've made a stencil out of it, cut a few shapes from MDF (with a hand jigsaw) to which
we glued a round base and a top.
Afterwards we painted our candle holders adding a little bit 
of extra chicness ... Shabby Chicness, of course! :)
Ne-am facut un sablon, am decupat cateva forme din MDF, cu ajutorul unui fierastrau vertical, de mana si le-am lipit niste suporturi rotunde, sus si jos.
Apoi le-am pictat si am adaugat un strop de chic ... Shabby Chic, bineinteles :)

Shabby White Candle Holders ♦ Suporturi Shabby White pentru lumanari
Shabby White Candle Holders ♦ Suporturi Shabby White pentru lumanari
Love the final result, what do you think about our handmade candle holders
with Shabby Chic touches? Are you a candle lover as well? :)
Imi place la nebunie rezultatul final, voua cum vi se par suporturile nostre handmade,
cu aer Shabby Chic? Sunteti sau nu iubitori de lumanari decorative, in general?:)
We love dreaming here/Ne place sa visam aici:
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22 November 2014

Dreaming of a Shabby White Handmade Christmas ♦ Visand la un Craciun Handmade Shabby alb

It's (almost) THAT beautiful time of the year so today we start decking the halls
with lots of handmade decorations and we are proudly presenting our
''Dreaming of a Shabby White Christmas'' Collection ... with a touch of checkered red.
As you will see, we have made lots of lovely things this year,
most of them cut by hand and all painted and distressed,
things that will turn a house into a perfect home for the holidays.
And because it wouldn't be Christmas without some caroling, we have integrated
our favorite Christmas songs ... into some of our pictures :)

Se apropie (cu repeziciune) ACEA perioada a anului, atat de draga tuturor, asa ca de azi
incepem sa tot impodobim cu o multitudine de decoratiuni handmade si lansam cu drag
Colectia de Craciun  ''Visand la un Craciun Shabby alb'', cu accente rosii, in carouri.
Dupa cum o sa vedeti, am realizat multe multe lucrusoare minunate anul acesta,
care pot fi daruite celor dragi sau pot fi pastrate pentru voi si care pot transforma, si de Craciun,
o casa in acasa - le gasiti in magazinul nostru online {}.
Si pentru ca n-ar fi Craciun fara niste colinde,
am integrat melodiile noastre preferate in ...unele dintre poze :)
Shabby White Handmade Christmas Decorations ♦ Decoratiuni handmade de Craciun Shabby White
''Shabby White Ice Skates''  - wooden skates, all handmade ... with love :)
''Shabby White Ice Skates'' - patine din lemn, handmade ... cu mult drag :)
Shabby White Handmade Christmas Decorations ♦ Decoratiuni handmade de Craciun Shabby White
Shabby White Handmade Christmas Decorations ♦ Decoratiuni handmade de Craciun Shabby White
Shabby White Handmade Christmas Decorations ♦ Decoratiuni handmade de Craciun Shabby White
I really love these skates, I would just hang them everywhere in the house! :)
Imi plac atat de mult cum au iesit patinele incat le-as agata peste tot prin casa! :) 
Shabby White Handmade Christmas Decorations ♦ Decoratiuni handmade de Craciun Shabby White
''Christmas Rules'' - a handmade tree filled with beautiful rules for Christmas,
like ''Keep family traditions'', Give more than you receive'', ''Never let go of the magic,
rules that will remind us what is really important for Christmas.
''Reguli de Craciun'' - un bradut handmade plin de reguli frumoase de Craciun, cum ar fi ''Pastreaza traditiile familiei'', ''Daruieste mai mult decat primesti'', ''Nu renunta niciodata la magie'',
reguli care ne vor aminti care sunt lucrurile cu adevarat importante de Craciun.

''You make me happy'' & ''You make me smile'' - in love hearts,
a perfect Christmas present for you and your loved one
Inimioarele indragostite ''Tu ma faci fericita'' & ''Tu ma faci sa zambesc'' -
cadoul perfect pentru tine si jumatatea ta
''Shabby White Tweety Birds'' - in love birds all dressed up for the holidays -
a checkered bow for her and a matching scarf for him  :)
Pasari indragostite ''Shabby White Tweety Birds'' - gatite
de sarbatoare - o fundita in carouri pentru ea si un fular asortat pentru el :) 

 Add a small Christmas tree branch, a scented tea-light candle and a Christmas sign
and you'll have the perfect small vignette for the holidays.
Adaugati o ramurica de brad, o lumanare parfumata si o placuta de Craciun
si veti avea un decor perfect de sarbatoare.
''Shabby White Hearts'' -  handmade wooden hearts
''Shabby White Hearts'' - inimi din lemn, pictate cu alb si invechite cu rosu, realizate manual  

A wooden Shabby White heart, a scented tea light candle,
and some Christmas tree branches will make another perfect setting for the holidays.

O inima Shabby White din lemn, o lumanare pastila parfumata si
niste crengute din bradul de Craciun
vor crea un alt decor perfect, echipat de sarbatoare.
 'Shabby Red Hearts'' -  handmade wooden hearts
''Shabby Red Hearts'' - inimi din lemn, pictate cu rosu si invechite cu alb 

All hearts come home for the holidays, right?:)
Toate inimile vin acasa de sarbatori, nu-i asa? :)
Delicate Shabby White rocking horse - hand cut decoration

Un delicat balansoar calut Shabby White, decoratiune confectionata manual

Shabby White Christmas Tree Ornaments with the recipe
for a happy family - a perfect handmade gift for family and dear friends

Ornamente de pom Shabby White, cu reteta
pentru o familie fericita - un cadou handmade perfect, pentru familie si prieteni dragi

Shabby White Christmas postcard signs for the little ones
that look like postcards coming straight from Santa's workshop :) 

Placute Shabby White, sub forma de carti postale,
care par venite direct din atelierul lui Mos Craciun :)

''All hearts come home for Christmas'' - a Shabby White Christmas sign
that you can also give to someone special or just hang somewhere in your home

''All hearts come home for Christmas'' - ''De Craciun, toate inimile vin acasa'' - o placuta Shabby White pe care o puteti darui, de asemenea, cuiva drag
sau pe care o puteti agata oriunde prin casa, pentru a crea decoruri frumoase de Craciun
''Hot Chocolate served with love'' sign for lovely cozy nights with hot chocolate
by the fireplace 
''Hot Chocolate served with love'', pentru seri linistite, cu ciocolata calda,
in fata semineului.
''Baby ... It's cold outside''  - a sign inspired by one of our favorite Christmas songs

''Baby ... It's cold outside'' - o placuta inspirata de una dintre melodiile noastre
preferate de Craciun

''There is no place like home for Christmas'' sign

Placuta decorativa ''There is no place like home for Christmas''

Santa has now the most beautiful Shabby White handmade sleigh

Mosu' are acum cea mai frumoasa saniuta handmade Shabby White, care se poate transforma usor un cutie pentru dulciuri, cadouri sau chiar intr-o cutie pentru un mini bradut impodobit.

Santa also has a trusted helper for that special night, that will help him deliver on time 
all the presents, candies and toys :)
Nu l-am uitat nici pe ajutorul de nadejde al Mosului,
care-l va ajuta sa imparta la timp toate jucariile, bomboanele si cadourile :) 
Handmade ''Shabby White Dream Home'' - wooden houses
with the recipe for a happy family and a beautiful vintage frame 
from The Graphics Fairy that can be easily integrated into a Christmas decor
''Shabby White Dream Home'' - casute handmade din lemn
cu reteta pentru o familie fericita
incadrata de o rama vintage frumoasa de pe The Graphics Fairy,
pe care le puteti integra usor in orice decor de iarna.
That's all for now, but stay tuned for more Christmas goodies soon
 and don't forget to smile,
holidays are coming, holidays are coming!!! :)

Pentru moment, asta e tot.
Stati pe-aproape pentru si mai multe minunatii pentru Craciun si nu uitati sa zambiti,
vin sarbatorile, vin sarbatorile! :)


You can find all our handmade decorations HERE, in our online shop, if you would like to order, please ask for a shipping quote. 

Don't hesitate to e-mail us if you need further details:
Gasiti toate decoratiunile noastre handmade AICI, in magazinul online,
daca aveti nevoie de detalii suplimentare,
ne puteti contacta la adresa

We love dreaming here/Ne place sa visam aici:

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